Our Mission

more-than-a-distributor-a-partnerMore than just a distributor… a business partner

All of our business goals center on optimizing the business relationship with our partners: both our loyal clients and suppliers. Our strategies to meet these goals include ongoing training for our employees, offering quality tool lines and continuously improving our customer service by adapting to our client’s specific needs.

More than just a client… above all a partner

Our clients are at the heart of our business, so it’s important for Drillmex to develop and adjust tooling solutions suited to their needs. Our aim is to help our customers constantly improve their productivity.

Besides these business objectives, one of our company’s primary goals is to help our customers improve the performance and efficiency of their operations. This business philosophy is intended to create a synergy between us which contributes to the success of all parties.

We want nothing less than to provide exceptional customer service.