Seco Tools

The Seco product offering covers all of your machining needs in milling, turning, drilling, threading and reaming.  We also offer a complete line of monobloc & modular attachments and equipment for all types of machine tools.

With our purchase of the American manufacturer Niagara Cutter, we now have one of the most complete offerings of HSS, Cobalt and carbide end mills in addition to our current Jabro line of products.

An Industry leader, Seco can answer all of machining needs no matter the material or the application.  Put us to the test, our goal is to develop lasting customer relationships with an approach geared towards finding optimal solutions to your machining requirements through real and documented improvements to reduce your production costs.

Our Seco products:

  • Square shoulder milling : Turbo, Square 6.
  • Face milling : Quattromill, Double Octomill.
  • Disk milling.
  • Copy milling : Power 4, Minimaster.
  • High Feed milling.
  • Helical milling.
  • Solid carbide end mills : Niagara Cutter, Jabro.
  • Thread milling : monobloc, indexable.
  • General turning : Jetstream, grades Duratomic, Seco-Capto.
  • Thread turning : Snap-Tap.
  • Multi-directional turning (MDT).
  • Grooving & Parting-off : X4.
  • Solid carbide drills : Feedmax.
  • Exchangeable head drills : Crownloc.
  • Indexable carbide drills : Perfomax.
  • Solid carbide reamers : Nanofix.
  • Exchangeable head reamers : Precimaster.
  • Indexable reamers : Bifix, Precifix, Xfix.
  • Rough Boring Heads : A750.
  • Finish Boring Heads : Axiabore, A760, A780, A790.
  • Solid monobloc holders : HSK, DIN69871, BT, CT.
  • Modular holder systems : Seco-Capto, Graflex, Combimaster.
  • Anti-vibration shell mill holders : Steadyline.
  • Shrinkfit holder systems : Easyshrink.
  • Inventory management systems : Secopoint.